5 things you should know about painting the exterior of your house

Painting the exterior of your house is one of the most exciting home projects you’ll undertake. It’s also the one that can make the biggest impression when people see your home. Before you break open the paint cans though, here are a handful of things you really need to know.

Most of the work is preparation

The first time you paint the exterior of your house, you’ll be surprised by how much work is simply preparation before you paint. While we’d all love to get started right away, the paint won’t go on as smoothly, nor will it stay as well if you don’t prep.

You’ll have to clean the exterior of your home first. Any dust, debris, or cobwebs will stick in the paint, creating a bumpy texture. You may need to power wash or even sand the outside of your home. Likewise, the areas outside of your exterior need to be prepped too. Cover anything you don’t want paint on, because even little splatters really stick out.

The right paint is everything

Yes, color is really important. However, depending on the siding of your home, the type of paint you use is important too. Not every type of paint sticks on different surfaces equally. While many paints do well on wood, aluminum and vinyl siding are slipperier, and need something that really sticks. Make sure you use a paint that’s intended for the type of siding you have, and the climate you live in.

Color isn’t as simple as you might think

You have your favorite color, so why not go for that? There are plenty of reasons to reconsider a hasty color selection. Even if you’re not dealing with HOA guidelines, keeping the ambience of your neighborhood is important. You don’t have to choose the same colors as everyone else. You can choose something unique, while still getting something that works with your neighborhood.

Timing is everything

When you paint your home’s exterior, prepare to be patient. It isn’t a quick process that takes an hour or two. Not only that, bad weather can stop or entirely ruin your paint job. Look at the forecast before you decide to paint. The best days are sunny, without any rain predicted in the days leading up to, or after painting. Humidity isn’t going to do you any favors either, so if you’re in a humid region, try to paint in early spring or mid to late autumn.

You can still get creative

You may feel let down choosing a more conservative color because of your home’s age, or your neighborhood. Don’t worry. You can still have plenty of fun with your door and trim. A colorful door is a great accent, and it keeps things classy too!


Keep these tips in mind when you decide to paint your home, and you’ll have a much easier and enjoyable time. Of course, it’s always best to call professional Boynton Beach exterior house painters to make sure everything turns out the way you envision. If you still want to do it yourself, just start small and work your way up to the larger areas.