When contracting out projects like remodeling or updating, you want the job done right, quickly, and as cost-effective as possible. When you plan on repainting your home, you have certain expectations and questions about the process. Given that there are numerous painting companies in the industry, you’re probably wondering how you should choose the right contractor. Keep reading to know the right questions to ask to help you arrive at your decision.

5 Questions to Always Ask Your Painting Contractor

When it comes to deciding on which professional to hire, you should have a plan on what you want to be done, in what colors, and the time frame you need the project done. Having these details already laid out will help you get a more accurate estimate from the painter before hiring them. There are a few questions that you should ask contractors before deciding on which one to hire for your painting project.

Do They Have Insurance?

Getting important information such as their company name, insurance, and liability information is necessary and will help you keep your bases covered in case of an accident on your property. Do they have insurance to cover work-related accidents and cover any other state insurance requirements? Make sure they’re insured to prevent you from having to pay more in case of an accident that results in injury.

What Are Their Credentials?

You can also ask about certifications, business registration, or license (some states require this for work to be done). If your home is considerably older, a professional who is trained to handle such homes will provide quality work that won’t damage the home.

You can also ask for references for previous work done and read reviews about other customers’ experiences with the company.

Will There Be a Crew?

If the project at hand is significant and will take a few days to complete, ask if the same people will be handling the project. Find out who the lead contact will be, if there will be on-site supervisors, and how to get ahold of anyone handling the project so you can know who to contact in case something comes up. You’ll also want to ensure the job won’t be subcontracted out, as subcontractors may cut corners to get the job done quickly and cheaply.

Do They Offer a Warranty on Their Work?

Reputable and respectable companies will offer warranties on their craftsmanship and materials, providing free repairs for poor material quality and workmanship. Should something happen, you are covered and can get things repaired.

How Much Will the Paint and Labor Cost?

Knowing how much the materials and labor will cost is a good way to budget your painting project and help you find a painting contractor that fits your needs and budget. If possible, get an estimate in-person and on-site. This way, the estimate will be as accurate as possible.

This is a great opportunity to ask what else is included in the services, such as clean-up and repairs to damages done during the job (damaged trim replaced or repaired, paint spilled on carpeting, etc.)


When you’re narrowing down your choice of painters, remember to be conscious of your budget but also consider the company’s experience, reputation, and workmanship. Ultimately, you don’t want to go with inexperienced painters who might charge lower but won’t give you the results you want. Keep a list of questions on hand to ask your painting contractor when you speak to them, and your decision-making process will be streamlined for success!