Painting Services

Welcome to the world of GI Painters where we offer something that money can’t buy. We offer peace of mind! Because we treat each of our painting opportunities as though it was our own, you stand to receive our special kid-glove treatment. Whether you are the owner of a private residential dwelling or have a huge commercial building in need of a face lift, we have the experience to give you a high quality finished product that will showcase your structure for years to come.

House Painting

We will paint your home any color you choose. However, we will be happy to consult with you regarding colors and color schemes. We will also be sure to provide a type of paint that is appropriate for your building, needs, and budget.

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Commercial & Industrial Painting Services

We are proud to be one of the oldest commercial and industrial painting companies in South Florida. Our experience ranges from large industrial warehouses to hospitals, high-rise office buildings and historical structures.

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Apartment Complex Painting Services

Apartment Complex Painting in Florida. Landlords and Property Managers across Southeast Florida have used GIPainters to maintain the beauty and longevity of their edifices and large residential structures since 1948. Interior and exterior painting and specialized coatings for all surfaces…

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Exterior Building Maintenance Services

The exterior walls of your building are essentially coated to protect it from the elements. Whether that’s concrete covered by wood, masonry, metal or other manufactured siding, it’s important to make certain your business can weather our extreme South Florida conditions and continues ….

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West Palm Beach Services

As a dedicated and trusted painting contractor, GI Painters believes in the quality of our service and complete satisfaction of all our customers. We are a full service painting company that proudly works in the West Palm Beach area. Whether you need a small room painted in your home or an entire office building, ….

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Exterior Home Colors

A fabulous looking home is essential. A home must appeal to the eye from the very first time anyone sees it. Whether the homeowner is putting the house on the market, planning a major renovation or just wants a home that looks fantastic, curb appeal is vital. When it comes to making the home look good, ……

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Steps for Painting Home Exterior

We have been talking about paint colors, and choosing the right one should be the first step in preparing for your exterior painting project. The paint needs to be a type that will withstand weather in the area and also fit within your budget. Once again, we have experienced professionals who can help with this decision.

The second step involves turning dirty, grimy, damaged walls into a nice clean and smooth surface. Our professionals remove and replace deteriorating materials and also patch any spots that need it. Using high-quality caulk, we repair and seal all joints and cracks. After these items are finished, we thoroughly clean and wash the exterior.

Priming with a great sealer is the last step before brand new paint goes onto the newly cleaned walls. Primer keeps anything from bleeding through and covers old paint. It is necessary for primer to cure, so a few days may be needed for this process to be fully completed. After this waiting period is over, our skilled painters will begin the beautification you have sought. Using quality techniques and equipment, we will turn your home’s exterior into the dream you’ve imagined.

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