We’ve all had that last minute realization before the holiday season arrives that the outside of your house looks rough. It may not be as bad as the house down the street, but the paint could certainly use some touching up before the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays.

Once the Christmas lights and decorations go up, the need to repaint your house’s exterior may not be as obvious, but you’ll still think about it. With other homes down the road shining brightly and everyone walking by to enjoy your Christmas set-up, it’s almost definitely worth the little extra time to freshen up your exterior paint.

Why Should You Paint Your Home Exterior Before the Holidays?

There are many reasons to paint your house’s exterior before the holidays. Some of them are more practical while others are more for the aesthetics. For example, repainting your home’s exterior can prevent it from rotting or help keep pests out of your walls.

Your Decorations Look Better

Even if you’re not someone who likes to go all out when it comes to holiday decorations, painting your home’s exterior can make the decorations look better than ever. Your Christmas lights will seem to shine brighter and the fall decorations will have a smoother backdrop. Your house is almost guaranteed to look newer and sleeker with even one new coat of paint behind your holiday decorations.

It Will Impress Your Family & Neighbors

Who isn’t jealous of a freshly painted house? With all those visitors stopping by, give them yet another reason to be jealous by giving your house a new coat of paint. Even if they don’t ask about it directly, they’ll be able to tell something changed to make your house look newer and fresher..

Repainting is an Easy Decoration Alternative

It’s understandable if you don’t have enough time to go all out on the holiday decorations. Not everyone can devote hours to untangling and setting up Christmas lights or shopping for a festive Thanksgiving turkey inflatable to put in your yard.

When you repaint your house’s exterior, you can get away with just a simple Christmas light set up and maybe (if you’re feeling extra festive) a couple of candy canes sticking up out of the yard.

Early Fall is One of the Best Times

This is one of the best excuses for painting your house’s exterior for the holidays. Pretty much all around the United States, early fall is the best time for painting which is just in time for the holidays. It’s important you get the painting finished before it gets below 35 degrees, but if you’re aiming to get it finished before the holiday season begins, this will be right on time.


Overall, the holiday season provides a great reason for painting the exterior of your house. Whether you’re doing it to impress the in-laws, up your decoration game, or just because you want to, getting your home repainted before the holidays is a great way to keep up on basic home maintenance. Just make sure the paint isn’t still fresh when Santa comes or you might discover some reindeer prints on your freshly painted roof! Contact us to find out more about exterior painting boynton beach to prepare for the holiday.