You just got your exterior walls painted, and your house now looks great! However, you’re probably wondering how long it’ll stay looking new. Your home deals with all kinds of weather, so understandably, your exterior paint job won’t last forever. You will need to redo the paint job eventually, but how long can you expect that paint job to last?

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How Long Can I Expect the Exterior Paint Job of My Home to Look Like New?

You will inevitably need to repaint your home. This is a given, but how long it stays looking like new depends on various factors, including where you live and what type of paint you choose.

Paint Type

For the most part, if you’re using good exterior acrylic paint that is applied properly, your paint will last at least 5 to 6 years before you have to reapply it. Your paint will wear more quickly if you choose to use latex or oil-based paints.

This varies, though. Depending on your climate, the material being painted, and the brand of paint, you may have to have your painting redone earlier.

Paint Color

You may be surprised to learn that the color of your paint affects how long it will stay looking like new. Darker colors absorb more sunlight, which means that they may fade faster over time, especially if you live somewhere that gets a lot of sunlight. So if you have your home painted darker colors, you might need to repaint in three to five years.

By contrast, lighter paint will take five to seven years. If your light paint color is in the shade too, it could stay looking great for up to ten years.

Home Finish

Depending on your home’s construction, you will notice your paint job potentially fading over time. For example, wood will need to be repainted more often, but something like cement tends to last long-term.

Generally, a wood home will require painting more often, maybe every three to seven years. A stucco home will typically go a solid five or six years. Something like bricks will be fifteen to twenty years. 

Paint Type

The type of paint that you use and the brand really does matter in terms of longevity. This is why you don’t want to skimp in terms of your paint brand. You can rely on professionals like us to ensure that you get paint that is made to last long-term. Unfortunately, some painters may skimp on quality paint, which means you will inevitably need to repaint your home much sooner.


Your home will stay looking like new for longer depending on where you live. If you live in a sunny area, without many trees or shade above, your paint will fade more quickly. If you live somewhere that is extremely humid or right by the ocean, your paint will soften and swell more quickly.


Ultimately, your paint will last longer if you have it done right. This means hiring a professional like us. We use quality brands and techniques and know when to paint your home, so it has the most amount of time to dry and cure.


You will inevitably need to repaint your home. How often you need to repaint depends on various factors, ranging from the location of your home to the type of paint you have picked out. You may even have to repaint more often if you choose a darker color, but at minimum, you’ll have a few years before you even need to worry about your paint. Give us a call today if you’re unsure, and we’ll be happy to give you our professional advice.