Older homes are full of charm and history, but sometimes, they can start to look their age, and some of that charm starts to fade away. While living in an older home is never a bad thing, it can start to feel unpleasant if your home doesn’t look as good as you wished it did or as new as you want it to.

When it comes to making an older home look new, there are some tips you can try. With the right paint, an old home can be brought back to life and look new again despite its age.

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Paint Ideas to Make an Older Home Look New

Highlight Doors

Most older homes are painted in one bland color, but painting and highlighting the doors can bring a new sense of life to an older home. Use a bold color to make your door stand out and look less like its age. Using a neutral color such as white to paint around them will also help freshen up the front of your home.

Choose the Right White

White paint is a classic, and even if your home is old, it may just be the perfect color to bring it back to life. With the right white, your walls will look crisp and clean. Your home will feel brighter, newer, and fresher than ever before.

The biggest hassle is choosing the right white.

White paint reflects its surroundings, so while it may look good on a catalog, your flooring or decor may affect how it turns out. Fortunately, some whites have been altered, using natural pigments to counteract this phenomenon. 

Look for a white that’s just a little warm but still crisp and clean when dry. If your home does not get much light, however, white is actually a color you should turn away from. Instead, choose a color for your wall because white may look too bland or stark.

Paint the Cupboards

Cupboards in older homes have often been around for a while. They’re old, chipped, and even faded. This alone can make your home feel less welcoming and dreary or old. The easiest and most cost-effective method for combating this is to paint the cupboards a fresh color.

When you repaint your cupboards, you’ll be able to cover up scratches and give your kitchen a whole new feel. Even if everything else stays the same, painting your cupboards will make you feel like you’re in a different home. It’s an easy workaround that many people never even think of!

Know the Character of Your Home

Before you make any choices on what paint color you want to use, it’s important to know the character of your home. Older homes tend to have a certain sense of style or a unique feel to them, even if their bedroom walls may be a dull orange or a muggy green.

While you don’t have to stick to the same colors, make sure that you understand your home before you make your choice. A home that gives off a soft, vintage feel won’t look as nice if you choose a loud, modern color. That being said, it may look great with modern trim and crisp, clean edging.


No matter your budget, painting is a great way to refresh any home. Older homes especially can benefit from the renewing effects of fresh paint, and with the right choice, your old home can look and feel new again. Call us today and let us help you spruce up your older home with the right paint!