While there is no right and wrong paint color for your home, some paint colors are more popular than others or might even affect your home value. For example, a bright pink accent wall may be great for you, but future homeowners may view it as an eyesore. A silky cream wall, however, may increase your home’s value even if it’s not as vibrant.

When it comes to painting your home, either inside or outside, some colors are just more popular than others. Here’s a quick rundown of them:

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The Most Popular Colors for Painting Your Home


Neutral color palettes are one of the best-selling palettes around. Beige, cream, and taupe are classic, neutral colors that make a home look cleaner and larger. This does depend on your decoration style, though, as some decor will look better with different colored walls.

If you have a lot of wooden decor, a lighter wall will look better to help accentuate the decorations. If you have a lot of white framed photos, though, darker walls will help draw attention to the photos and help them stand out.


Coastal color palettes usually use cool-toned paints and very natural colors. Think of a sandy beach and the ocean for this color scheme. Blue, green, tan, and white are often mixed around a home with a coastal color palette.


Contemporary home styles lean on clean lines and minimalist decor. Many contemporary-style homes use light colors, but there’s no limit. You may choose black, sandy gray, white, or even a pale blue. Some homeowners use accent colors for trim, but these colors don’t take up much space and are only used sporadically.


For a Mediterranean-style home, choose warm-toned colors. These color palettes use coastal colors such as blue and white, but they also include colors such as gold and pink. The colors always have a warm undertone, making the home seem warm and inviting at all times of the year.

Colors to Avoid

Just like there are popular color palettes listed above, there are certain color choices that you might want to avoid if you plan on selling your home in the future. Of course, ultimately, we will paint any colors you choose, but it has been standard industry warning to be wary of these colors.

Red accent wall

Some people love the idea of a red accent wall, but many buyers hate it. Red is a bold color that can be hard to paint evenly or cover up. In many cases, it can make a room feel smaller or more closed in.

Bright Children’s Rooms

Many kids want to paint their rooms a bright, fun color. While this may be great for them, it might not suit future buyers. There’s a high possibility that the family that moves in after you won’t have young children or won’t use the room as a children’s bedroom. To make your home easier to sell and increase property value, cover up bright children’s rooms with a neutral color.


When it comes to painting your home, there are endless options. If you know that you’ll be selling your home in the near future, you may want to stick with neutral colors or those that add value to your home. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need professional advice on choosing the best paint colors for your home.