You might have a great business or a great product, but part of the battle in selling your product is to get people to visit your business—and to walk into your commercial building. Obviously, you won’t get a lot of people wanting to visit if your building looks run down. 

Fortunately, just some simple changes like commercial painting can help you attract more customers.

Ways to Spruce Up the Look of Your Commercial Building

Paint and Fix

One of the best and simplest ways to spruce up your building is to fix up the exterior. Even small fixes can show your customers that you care about how your business looks and that you’re dedicated to your business, its branding and its presentation.

Start with hiring a painter. As expert painters, we’ll be able to fix old paint and reapply a new coat of paint, which will give your building a whole new look with not a lot of investment needed. 


You know where your business is, but your customers might not. Look around to make sure that your signage is both accurate and readable, and that it represents your brand well. 

Any sign should have its lights working and a fresh coat of paint to keep it fully visible and easy to read from a distance.

Along with your brand name, it should be obvious what your business does according to your signs. Something quick that clearly tells your customers why they’ll want to stop in—and that you’re open. There’s nothing worse than missing customers because they didn’t know you were open.


Beyond the building itself, you can fix up your building’s landscaping. This doesn’t mean that you’ll need to spend a lot of money on new trees and shrubs, but that you can hire a landscaper to help you maintain your current trees, lawns, and bushes. 

Even adding a few small plants and keeping them watered will add some color while complementing your new paint and signs.

Cleaning Up

Beyond just the paint or the landscaping, pay attention to the parking lot and windows too. Spend time picking up trash in the parking lot to keep your place well-maintained, and go around with some window cleaner to make that glass shine. 

You can even do things like replace burnt out bulbs along your exterior, which will come in handy during the winter when the sun begins to set a little early.

Attracting Crowds

You can attract crowds in a few ways—and keep those people coming back by showing off a good-looking building. Add in amenities to your signs, like if you offer something like free wi-fi. 

Display some of your customers or signs outside, and set up a window display on the inside. Go the extra mile to make your store memorable by being unique and creative.

These are the types of things that will draw people to take a look at your store, but it’s the actual look of your building that will convince people to stay. No matter how many free samples you have, people won’t visit your commercial building if it looks beat up and run down.


You have a great business and many potential customers out there. It can be hard to attract new customers when the exterior of your building doesn’t look all that great though. That’s why something as simple as painting and sprucing up the building can do a lot for your business. With these tips, you’ll be able to attract more customers and sales.