Classic Colonial Paint Color Ideas

Classic Colonial Paint Color Ideas

Colonial-style houses can be readily recognized, thanks to their strong symmetry and unique features: gabled roofs, a classic door in the dead center, distinct siding and windows with shutters. Their look won’t be complete without a color palette that’s appropriate to their era.

To help you choose a color scheme that will suit the stately and traditional look of your Colonial-style home, here are a few combinations that will give it a historical hue.

White sidings and trims

This combination is a timeless classic, and you can never really go wrong with this choice. You can contrast the more muted color of the siding with a bright barn red or a glossy dark door. If you fancy neither of those colors, you can also opt for cherry red, lime green, or bright turquoise. This scheme gives your house a minimalist yet sophisticated look.

Gray siding and trims

Gray siding gives your home an overall understated look, which works best if your house has fewer ornamentations. You can contrast the color of both your brick chimneys and door with a striking and bright color – such as brick red.

Muted navy-blue shutters and white trims

This shade called ‘sled’ complements the white of the trims. And to present a contrast with the darker tones, the door can be coated in a red hue called “Burnt Tile.”

Beige siding and white trims

This beige hue on clapboards is contrasted with chocolate colored shutters and cream-colored trims. The door can be brick red which accents the understated look.

Earthy siding and muted blue-green shutters

This combination of slightly neutral dust-colored siding is paired with a blue-green shade on both the door and the shutters.

Pale pink siding and chocolate brown trims

This color scheme is a fresh twist which coats the siding and the whole body in petal pink. This creamier color is accented with dark brown shutters, trims, and door. It looks a little better if complemented by trees around the house’s foundation.

Gray body and rust-colored door

Since darker shades can overwhelm the surroundings, they can give smaller houses a more pronounced look. This scheme will look perfect on your small Colonial, with its gray body and soot shutters accented with a rust color for the door.

Gray siding and teal trims

If a sharper contrast is what you’re looking for, this color combination might be an attractive option for you. The crisp gray siding is contrasted with a teal-almost-gray hue and a chocolate shade for the door.

Muted gray-almost-green and a cherry red door

This scheme gives your Colonial a statelier and more majestic look. The sage green doesn’t overwhelm the surroundings. And the creamy-white trims can be paired with a cherry red door.

Blue siding and green door

If you’re after a softer contrast and a more subdued look, this scheme is for you. The siding is blue-gray, which is accented with a crisp white for the trimmings and a muted minty green for the door.