Perhaps you are bored with the usual neutral paint colors that so many people tend to choose. Or maybe you want to detract from the norm and make your home stand out with unique paint colors. No matter your reason, a splash of color for your home sure doesn’t hurt. Here are some tips to make your home pop with the right paint colors.

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How to Make Your Home Pop With the Right Color Selection

Warm Colors

Think about using reds, yellows, and oranges. Using just one warm color somewhere, on even one wall, can really make the room feel more intimate and cozier. 

You might think having an entirely orange room might be a bit much. But there’s nothing wrong with choosing an orange or yellow that’s a little softer and less overwhelming.

You can also choose a small portion of the room to paint a bright orange or a cheery yellow. Painting an accent wall in a bright color can give your home the delightful pop it needs.

Cool Colors

To make a room feel a little larger, consider using cool colors like blues, greens, and purples. Especially if you find a particular room dark and small, cool colors can effectively give the room a spacious feel. These colors give your room an airier feel, which makes them equally perfect for rooms with lots of sunlight. Even just painting one wall can extend the space of the room.

Dark Colors

You might not want to paint an entire room dark brown, black or charcoal, but you can still add a lot of character by using a dark color. Remember that even with dark colors like browns and grays, you can use them in lighter tones. This is also your opportunity to use colors like dark purple or dark blue too, which can really give you a completely unique look.

Whites and Creams

You don’t need to choose the brightest and boldest of colors to make your home pop. In fact, having some neutral colors can provide your home with a delightful contrast against other shades. You don’t have to limit yourself to boring and stark hospital white tones either.

Choose a color with a little gray or yellow tint that adds just a little tone of color. That will also make it easier to add an accent wall in the room too.

Exterior Painting

Don’t forget to add some color to the exterior of your home if you want to really make your home pop. Try painting your front door a unique color like orange or coral. These are the types of colors that will make your home stand out since they add some personality.

Think about using these colors to contrast against your existing house color. Consider coral, for example, which is a nice blend of soft and loud. 


When it comes to painting your home, the right paint color can create the vibe that you want. Give your home a little pop with a bright color, or make it stand out with something unique like a deep blue. Letting your personality shine through the paint colors you choose is a great way of making your home a true reflection of yourself.