Residential Exterior Painting

Does Exterior Paint Increase the Value of Your Home?

The residential property market took quite a knock a few years ago, but it’s been slowly recovering since. That’s encouraging a lot of homeowners to sell and make a change. So, while the market is improving, there is a lot of competition out there.

If you’re planning on selling your home, you’ll need an edge. The house needs to look fresh and clean. You’ll need to undertake minor repairs and consider repainting. That’s a big enough job inside.So, you might be asking if you should also paint the outside.

In this post, we’ll answer that question. We’ll also explain why a professional job by a painting contractor in Boynton Beach is an excellent investment.

Curb Appeal Counts

Never underestimate how important curb appeal is. Most homeowners want a home that they can be proud of. When a prospective buyer gets out of their car, what is the first thing that they’ll notice about your home?

They’re going to look at the garden and the home’s exterior. From the time they step onto the property, they’re making assumptions. A clean yard and fresh, clean paint on the exterior are a great way to create an excellent first impression.

On the other hand, peeling paint or dirty-looking walls can give the impression that the house has not been appropriately maintained. People are bound to wonder what else you might have let slide.

Some people are keen on performing home improvements. This kind of thing is not likely to put them off. But it will make them reconsider how much their offer will be. Those that want a move-in ready option will be put off entirely.
Spending a few bucks getting your home painted professionally could increase the value by between 2% and 5%. It’s a small cosmetic change, but one that can deliver outstanding results.

Painting is a Great Fix

Here are some of the reasons that painting your home is an great idea:

  • If your siding is in relatively good condition, there’s no point in replacing it. Repainting it costs a lot less.
  • A new paint job will last for many years to come. It is, therefore, a great option for prospective buyers who do not want to perform a lot of maintenance.
  • You can also use the color to help give the illusion that the house is larger or smaller. A home that looks too large for its lot will look smaller if painted in a darker shade. Lighter shades give the impression that the house is more prominent.

Some Other Exterior Aspects to Consider

  • If the paint on the walls is still in good shape, consider giving it a fresher look by repainting accents. Choose a beautiful color and repaint the railings, frames, gutters, accents, and so on.
  • Make the door pop by choosing a bold color.
  • Do opt for neutral color schemes so that you get the most extensive range of appeal.

Final Notes

Painting the exterior of your home is a daunting prospect. It’s a lot of work, and there are safety issues to consider. That’s why we’d recommend hiring a pro to do the job.

It’ll cost a bit more, but the job will be completed correctly. When your prospective buyers see how fresh and clean the house looks, that expense will prove very worthwhile.