Exterior House Paint Color Ideas

house paint color ideas

A fabulous looking home is essential. A home must appeal to the eye from the very first time anyone sees it. Whether the homeowner is putting the house on the market, planning a major renovation or just wants a home that looks fantastic, curb appeal is vital. When it comes to making the home look good, one of the most crucial elements is that of color. The right color can really make any home come alive. Think of the home as a canvas that sets the scene for the rest of the space. Choosing a color for your boynton beach painting project can be tough. Fortunately at our company, we know all about how to use to color. We can help any client pick out the right exterior home colors for the vision they have in mind.

The Type of Home

Victorian homeOne crucial thing to think about as you pick exterior paint colors is what kind of home that you have. For example, if you have a large Victorian home with lots of details, a vivid color scheme using one or more primary color works well. Choose one color with lots of dramatic impact. Highlight it with an attention getting contrasting color. Use dark forest green on the main body of the home. Bring attention to the home’s subtle details with an unexpected color on the other side of the color wheel such as peach, pink or an intense shade of purple. Add in white to help tie the entire scheme together and create a coherent whole. A cape code home may work better with a softer color scheme that helps bring out details like a gabled roof line. Use creamy white for the base of the home. Add in smoky brown tones to tie it to the earth.

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The Location

LocationWhen it comes to choosing an exterior home paint color scheme, another important consideration is the location of the property. A home close to the beach, for example, will benefit from a fresh color scheme that takes its cues from the entire area. A beach home will look great decorated in fresh colors such as blue and white that call to mind the beauty of the ocean. Take cues from the surrounding area by using light brown that suggests the sandy beach and pale yellow to remind people of a lovely sunny summer day. An inland homeowner surrounded by lush tropical flowers may want to take inspiration from them. Paint the exterior bright red or orange. Ground the color of the home with softer hues such as dove grey and pale blue.

Putting It All Together

In the end, the goal should be to have a lovely home that pleases you. Our company can help any homeowner pick the right colors for their home. We can show you how to make the home look great from every single angle. Our staffers will help you choose the perfect exterior colors for the home and then bring it to beautiful life.

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