Adding your personal touches to the design of your living space is what will make a house truly feel like your home. One way to show off your creativity is to paint the walls of your home whichever color you would like. There may be some colors that are hard to find, though. 

Thankfully, professional painting companies like us are able to help you create a custom color to paint your home. 

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Measuring Paint Proportions

One of the first steps involved is measuring paint proportions. Mixing in too much at once can cause difficulties in the mixing process, so it’s crucial that we only mix in a little at a time and keep track of the amount we use of each color. From there, we will be able to add and make changes as necessary to reach your desired color.

Lightening the Color

To lighten the colors, we can add a bit of white paint to the mixture. The amount we add will depend on how dark the color starts out and how light you want the shade to be. The paint may need a considerable amount of white paint to noticeably change how light the paint color becomes.

Sometimes, the most effective way of lightening paint colors is to add the starting colors into the white paint instead of doing the reverse. 

Darkening the Color

There are two effective methods of darkening paint colors that paint professionals use. One involves using gray craft colorant, and the other involves using black craft colorant. Paint experts use gray colorants with lighter colors and black with darker ones. Therefore, a good amount of colorant might be required to reach the shade you want. Typically, we will try to stay within two shades of the starting color, but it may vary depending on how you want your color to end up.

Tone of the Color

There are ways that paint professionals can either increase or decrease the intensity of colors. We can intensify the color by adding more of the base color to the paint mixture. Alternatively, we can decrease the intensity by mixing in colors that complement the color in the paint. We continue to do this until we obtain the desired effect you want your paint to have.

Mixing Colors Together

If you want to be more experimental, we can try to see how mixing a few different colors will work out. There are many possibilities when it comes to mixing different colors together. Experimenting with colors can prove to be beneficial if you really want a paint color that’s very unique for your home. 


Ultimately, the bottom line is that it is possible to create a custom color to paint your home. There’s no better way to express your creativity and put your stamp of personalization on your home than by creating your very own custom color. 

As a professional painting company, we can help you achieve the exact color you want. So call us today and ask about working with us to create a unique and custom paint color for your home.