When it comes to painting your home, there are a few methods that are widely used. The question is, which should you use – spray, roll or brush? Each method is suitable for different situations or projects so read on to find out more about them and what West Palm Beach painting company professionals use to paint your home.


Spraying paint is the fastest way to get the job done. It creates a smooth finish and takes only minutes, compared to the hours that another method may take. When painting a large, flat surface, spraying paint is the best option. In general, professionals may spray paint ceilings, full rooms, or foyer areas.

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to spray paint. Quite a bit of time has to be spent taping and covering anything you don’t want to get paint on as the sprayers have a wide overspray. Sprayers also use 2-3 times as much paint and require lots of prep and clean-up time. They’re also not recommended when it’s windy.


Rollers are great for large surface areas. They can be used on walls, ceilings, and any other flat area. They’re really simple to use and don’t involve as much hassle as a spray. Rolling on paint only requires a few supplies and won’t risk accidentally covering everything else in the room.

When using a roller, you’ll always have some sort of texture when the job the done. The last coat won’t be perfectly smooth and it can be difficult to get rid of streaks. For a smooth, satin finish, rollers are not ideal.


Brushing paint can be slow, but it provides a smoother finish than rollers. They are easier to control and are ideal for painting small areas or more detailed work. 

Brushes are used when painting trim or corners. They give even, uniform coverage and have great paint adhesion, unlike sprayers.

With brushes, the work won’t get done as quickly. It’s laborious work and at least two coats are needed, in order to ensure the paint is even. It’s also possible to leave behind brush marks.

What do Professionals Use?

With so many options available, professionals have quite a wide variety of tools to choose from. When it comes to what tools a professional painter may use, it depends on the job. 

A professional will look at the work that needs to be done and assess which of the options would be the most efficient. Many professionals will combine methods and work with sprayers, rollers, and brushes all on one project.

How do the professionals know which method to use? It may not seem very obvious to those who aren’t familiar with painting methods, but to professionals, it’s an easy choice.

Sprayers: For a large area that doesn’t need much accuracy, professionals often choose a sprayer. Sprayers are great for getting work done quickly, but they aren’t very good at detailed work or areas that need more accurate application. 

Rollers: When working on large areas that need a bit more accuracy, professionals will choose a roller. Rollers prevent the paint from going everywhere which makes them a great choice for indoor walls or large areas. They cover a large area quickly without making a mess.

Brushes: Finally, for more detailed work such as trim or tight corners, professionals will choose a brush. Brushes allow them the most control and are the least likely to make a mess. For any fine-tuning or difficult-to-reach areas, brushes are a professional’s go-to method.


When it comes to deciding which painting method to use, the type of work involved plays an important role. Often, professionals don’t just use one method per project. For example, if it’s a large accent wall, the painter might choose a roller for the main part and then a brush to help finish the edges.