Now that you have the perfect home picked out, it is time to settle on the details. Forget about the furnishings and material items for now. First, you have to handle renovations and choosing your Palm Beach painting contractors. A key facet of renovations is picking the right paint color for your home. 

Whether it is for the exterior, the living room, or any other space in your home, it is vital that a homeowner feels comfortable and relaxed. Although some people may think that picking your favorite color will make an easy choice, there is much more to it. This is where the psychology of color comes into play.

Psychology of Color

You may not realize it, but the color of a room can actually affect your mood and feelings. Let’s have a look at how the psychology of color is often applied to places like restaurants.

Get Going Or Stay Relaxed

If you see plenty of shades in red or orange, know that such colors generally put people in an energized and hurried mood. This makes perfect sense for places like fast food restaurants looking to make as many sales as possible and encouraging patrons to eat and hurry off.

Places looking to relax people and keep patrons comfortable are more likely to pick earthier tones, such as brown or green. These colors are usually found in nature, and when used in urban areas, they can help slow things down and even promote healthy eating. 

The psychology of color also applies to food. If you’ve ever found yourself avoiding weirdly colored food, that is the theory at work. You will gravitate towards food that, in some way, represents just how the food will taste. 

So, if the psychology of color works so well for businesses and even your food, then it’s certainly something you have to consider carefully when applying it to your home. 

How to Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Home

You can always pick your favorite color and be done with it when it comes to painting your home. After all, it is what you like, and ultimately, the whole point is to design your home to your liking.

However, if you are looking to dive deeper into the psychology of color, here are some things you can consider when making a decision.

Feelings Count

Depending on the specific room, you might want to match the color to the feel and function of the particular space. Rooms, where social gatherings take place, should be warm, while other more private spaces can be cooler in color. For example, a warm and vibrant yellow will do well in a living room, while a cool blue or green will suit a home office.

Another consideration is to use stimulating colors like yellow for places where you need to get work done. Of course, a calming color for the bedroom is a must. Think lighter shades that will exude a feeling of peace and restfulness.

Matching Tones

If you’ve already picked out your furniture, it is important to match your paint to your statement pieces as well. Perhaps the walls can be the main color of your preferred piece of furniture, or have the accents match the paint job. Adjacent rooms can also be connected this way with the help of colors.

Create Space and Flow

A home can be comfortably zoned with clever use of paint. Ensuring that the colors you choose flow into each other can help you elevate your home in more ways than one. Do not go for all warms or cools throughout your home. Instead, try more muted or dustier colors to achieve that smooth transition.

Certain colors can also make a space feel bigger or smaller. If you need more breathing room, crisp whites will help. An intimate setting can benefit from warmer colors.

In Summary

When it comes to picking out colors for your home, there are no right or wrong answers. Yet, if you are looking to maximize the space as much as possible while getting yourself in the right mood, you will definitely benefit from understanding the psychology of color.