How to Make Your Home Pop With the Right Color Selection

Perhaps you are bored with the usual neutral paint colors that so many people tend to choose. Or maybe you want to detract from the norm and make your home stand out with unique paint colors. No matter your reason, a splash of color for your home sure doesn’t hurt. Here are some tips to [...]

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Is It Possible to Create a Custom Color for My Home to Be Painted With?

Adding your personal touches to the design of your living space is what will make a house truly feel like your home. One way to show off your creativity is to paint the walls of your home whichever color you would like. There may be some colors that are hard to find, though.  Thankfully, professional [...]

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The Psychology of Color: How to Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Home

Now that you have the perfect home picked out, it is time to settle on the details. Forget about the furnishings and material items for now. First, you have to handle renovations and choosing your Palm Beach painting contractors. A key facet of renovations is picking the right paint color for your home.  Whether it [...]

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Top 5 Things To Consider Before Hiring a Commercial Painting Company

Top 5 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Commercial Painting Company Commercial painting is more than just adding some extra colors to your walls. It sends a message about how well you take care of your business or organization and your clients. Hiring the correct professionals as your commercial painting company will ensure you'll get [...]

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Classic Colonial Paint Color Ideas

Classic Colonial Paint Color Ideas Colonial-style houses can be readily recognized, thanks to their strong symmetry and unique features: gabled roofs, a classic door in the dead center, distinct siding and windows with shutters. Their look won’t be complete without a color palette that’s appropriate to their era. To help you choose a color scheme [...]

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Paint Colors for Different Lighting

Paint Colors for Different Lighting Have you at any point finished painting a room just to see it turn out nothing liked the swatch you chose? This is a result of how we see colors in different lighting. The type of light you’re in at the moment impacts the perspective of how colors look in [...]

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